Lunar Twin Bio

Lunar Twin is a dreamwave band from Los Angeles consisting of Christopher Murphy (production/music) and Bryce Boudreau (vocals/co-production). They met in July 2011, at the Denver Underground Music Festival when Bryce joined as a guest of Chris’ previous gothic synth band Nightsweats. They formed Lunar Twin in October 2013, and derived the band’s name from a theory about earth having possibly had a twin moon.  The members have an interest in space- and time theories. They draw inspiration from Einstein’s Twin Paradox and Theory of Relativity. What it means for man(kind)’s place in the universe is reflected in their lyrics. Other sources for their lyrical themes are nature (the ocean, wilderness, landscapes) and culture (both ancient and modern, e.g. mega cities).

The music connects with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs, electronics and nature sounds. Their musical influences are diverse and range from New Wave (Joy Division, Gary Numan) to Hip Hop (Nas, Wu Tang Clan); from classic psychedelica (13th Floor Elevators) to modern downtempo (Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Soulsavers); and from classic and modern songwriters like Billie Holliday, Leonard Cohen, Rodriguez and Santogold. They blend their musical and lyrical influences together to make a modern psychedelic and cinematic sound.